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Cape May Wine Trail

Trail length: 18.5 miles Total drive time: 34 minutes

Located within New Jersey's Southern Shore Region, the Cape May Wine Trail shows visitors that South Jersey is more than just the shore. With the Delaware Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the wineries on this trail share a unique geography that produces some great wines. Along this southernmost trail of the Outer Coastal Plain, you'll find world-class bird watching and eco tourismas well as intriguing bayshore heritage - including some great lighthouses!

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Wineries on the Trail:

In March 2000, Al Natali purchased 22 acres of horse pasture on Route 47 in Goshen, just one half mile to the Delaware Bay. The first year, cover crops of fescue and mustard rejuvenated the compacted soils. He studied rootstocks, grape varieties and clones for the site's microclimate and soil conditions. To focus the vine's energy on high-sugar fruits rather than high vigor, Al selected the 101-14 rootstock. In Spring 2001, the Natali family planted 2400 vines on the first three acres.

The Jessie Creek Winery is the perfect setting to provide a taste of Italy at the South Jersey Shore. Our winery is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay, where the sandy soil cultivates our grapes to make you think you are in the mountains of Abruzzo. The vineyards at Jessie Creek are harvested and processed by hand, onsite, resulting in a flavor and quality that can only be captured in a boutique facility.

The Hawk Haven story begins back in 1940 when Johan Felix Wuerker traveled from Germany to Cape May, New Jersey and purchased the land that would one day become a vineyard and winery. Three generations later the farmland was still in the family and it became Todd Wuerker's turn to choose something to plant. The youngest of three sons, Todd and his brother planted the first grapevines, Cabernet Sauvignon, in 1997 before he was even of the legal drinking age.

From "CapeMayWinery.com:" Cape May Winery has grown over the past two decades to produce some of South Jersey's most distinguished wines. Our vineyard encompasses over four different vineyards, containing over 150 acres, from which we produce over 16 different varieties of grapes. We invite you to come and experience our winery with a visit to one of our three tasting rooms, or sit on our charming deck, taking in the breathtaking views our one of our vineyards.

Turdo Vineyards is a family owned and run operation. It all begins with Sal, he is the owner, as well as master wine maker. His vision, commitment, and determination is what turned just over 5 acres of woods he purchased over ten years ago, into a very successful fully operational vineyard and winery. It took a lot work and time, not only from Sal, but from his family to make Turdo Vineyards what it has become. His wife Sara, and son Luca have been behind Sal, helping him from the beginning.

Surrounded by the ocean and bay, the 50 acre vineyard enjoys a unique microclimate reminiscent of Bordeaux, which leads to exceptional grape harvests. Willow Creek Winery produces premium sustainable wines that are grown and bottled on site on our 50 acre farm in Cape May, NJ. With over 40 acres of vines planted within the last six years, the unique climate allows Willow Creek to produce some of the finest hand-crafted wines found this side of Europe.

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